Dolls Sew Beautiful     4/5 Sunningdale Court, Balhannah, SA 5242 Australia           Phone: 08 8398 0423           Mobile: 0415 503 730
My name is Jackie Bond and I live in South Australia. I have been a dressmaker for well over 40 years and a porcelain doll maker for around 15 years. My Dressmaking talents and interests were sort of put on a back burner for a few years once my children grew up. I discovered the art and craft of creating beautiful lifelike porcelain dolls and thus my dressmaking skills were also rekindled. My love for the art of Modern doll making has grown even more over the years and I continue to seek to learn as much as I can to improve my skills, to this end through the aid of the Internet I have made many close friends around the world and have been fortunate enough to have been invited to go and stay with these wonderful ladies from both the USA and the UK. Being a Nail Technician I developed and mastered the art of applying long acrylic sculptured fingernails to my bigger lady dolls, this was discovered by the ladies on a doll makers E-Group to which I belong in the USA after seeing one of my award winning dolls showing off her beautiful hands on-line, subsequently I was invited to teach workshop classes at the “ Greater Eastern Texas doll show” in Tyler Texas needless to say I accepted the invitation and I have done this for several years running and I am planning to go back again and again for as long as they will have me, from this came the production of a technical tutorial CD-R along with the availability of a starter kit to teach you step by step to do your own beautiful long nails on your lady dolls, these are available for purchase from either myself here in Australia or from my partner in the USA Kaye Dunn of Keepsakes of Van Buren.
1997:  2nd place ribbon, 3 - 1st place ribbons, and  2 rosettes. 1998: 2nd place ribbon,  3 - 1st place ribbons,  and 3 rosettes. 1999: 4 - 1st place ribbons and 4 rosettes. 2000: 4 - 1st place ribbon and 4 rosettes 2001: 4 rosettes. 2002: 1 - 2nd place ribbon, 2 - 1st place ribbons 2 rosettes. 2003: 6 - 1st place ribbons, 5 rosettes and award of Merit 2004: 6 - 1st place ribbons 4 rosettes. 2005: 8 - 1st place ribbons 5 rosettes. 2006: 4 - 1st place ribbons 5 rosettes. 2007: 4 rosettes. 2008: 2 - 1st place ribbons 3 rosettes.
        Award   Explanations 1st place ribbons  90 points out of a possible 100 2nd place ribbons   80 - 90 out of a possible 100 Rosettes 95 - 100  points, best in that category, or best in show It is possible for one doll to have more than 1 rosette. There are about 10 different categories you can enter a doll into but not all at the same time. Baby Doll with glass eyes, baby dolls with closed eyes and baby dolls with painted eyes, toddler with glass eyes, toddler doll with painted eyes, adult with glass, and adult with painted, and so on. On top of that there are skill levels  Novice, Open 1, Open 2  and finally professional.
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